Erika Baumová

Student, traveler-wannabe

I like traveling, eventually take some pictures and pretty often have some funny experiences I would like to share. And why failure? Well, always, but always happens something that complicates the trips. Hope you enjoy the reading!

What's next?

1) Romania

2) Belgium

3) Skiing (hopefully)

4) Sevilla

5) surf camp in Morocco

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Oxymoron? It might seem like it, but thanks to modern technology and especially thanks to the amazing initiatives all around, we can also enrich our cultural life while in quarantine. Great, isn't it?

A week ago, I really had no idea how the situation would turn out, anyway, we are almost all quarantined now. From news, social media, even fridges and gossips we still hear how many people have been infected, how everything collapses, and we are going to end up having a huge crisis. But not everything is as bad as it...

I started my new travelling year in Romania where I visited an old friend of mine. It wasn't the first time I visited the country, but it was definitely the first time I feared I would be put in quarantine.