Breaking news - Valencia is part of Austria!


Or at least this is what the educated Wizz Air's cabin crew wanted us to think when we landed in Valencia, and wished us "a pleasant stay in Austria". I was trying to figure out what might have caused the confusion, and maybe it's the same first letter in Vienna and Valencia? Doesn't matter. So, what did we actually do in the Catalonian part of the Austrian Empire?

First of all, it's worth mentioning that it was an absolutely spontaneous trip. With my friend Lenka we were checking some flights, just for fun, and we found a great deal for Valencia. And booked the flights, of course. No plan, no more vacation days (thank dog for public holidays), but who cares. Right before our departure the tropical storm Michael started threatening, but just decided it would be just fine. And it was, more than that!

As we all know, it's always important to make a good impression on the airport stuff, especially if your carry on is slightly bigger than the limit. Maybe that's why I somehow sat on my chocolate croissant and walked through the security control with a lot of chocolate on my bright yellow pants :) However it worked and Lenka, me and my hand luggage successfully made it to Spain / Austria.

The first night we just went for tapas and walked around, breathing in the vacation spirit (and eating like pigs). We booked a room on Airbnb for the first night and even though we were not 100 % satisfied, the cute little puppy definitely made the night and morning better. For breakfast we went to a little café we agreed not going to the night before - it looked a bit fancy and we wanted to go to a typical Spanish cafetería. Of course, everything was closed, so we just walked in Liaopastel, and I'm super glad we did. The place is really nice, cozy and, last but not least, cheap. Horchata, fartons (traditional Valencian sweets), coffee, loose leaf green tea, more pastry, and all that for 6 €. And we just started..

That day we walked around 15 km, did a lot of sightseeing, went to the Mercat Central and basically kept eating all day long, crashed in Kiko, Mercadona and La casa del libro, of course. It wouldn't be us if the weather didn't get a bit worse, so we got some plastic raincoats and spent some hours walking around looking like garbage bags. Lucky us, the weather got better again and we could enjoy Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias at its best. 

As I mentioned before, we inhaled the mañana spirit and decided to take it easy and just relax and rest. Our next stop was Oropesa del mar - one of those huge vaction resorts that will totally brainwash you, but I guess it must be great for families or older people. Anyhow, now in October it was almost empty, so we could wander around, chill, enjoy the silence and eat all the fish we could (at least I did). And, again, it wouldn't be us if the weather didn't get much better and we got to spend almost the whole day on the beach. 

The vacation spirit was gone by the time we got to the airport - our flight was delayed and we knew we wouldn't make it to the last bus from Vienna to Brno. We spent the night at the airport, pretty much looking like hobos. It got so cold that we put on literally all our clothes, and then ended up in McDonald's, trying to get a little bit warmer. We arrived to Brno by 8 am, and after 2 hours of sleep (with mouths wide open) we went straight to the office. 

To sum up, I don't think there is a better place for breaks than Spain. Food - good. Weather - good. People - good. Although I really don't get why nobody was yelling at us. Two blond girls wandering around, looking pretty much lost all the time. Are we really considered old by now?

What's next? Paris and Martinique. 17 days to go (and 17 days to learn some French). And to master GoPro.