Bucharest - the city of masks and corporations


I started my new travelling year in Romania where I visited an old friend of mine. It wasn't the first time I visited the country, but it was definitely the first time I feared I would be put in quarantine.

As I have already mentioned, I have already visited Romania. 5 years ago I was in Bucharest, and 2 years ago in Transylvania. Transylvania was awesome, Bucharest didn't impress me. Neither 5 years ago,  nor this time.

Upon arrival, I noticed that everyone, but literally everyone, wore a mask. It's clear that the coronavirus-associated paranoia has hit the fragile Romanian souls very deeply as, besides the masks, I have seen a lot of warnings. Basically, people with respiratory problems should report to security. I arrived in Bucharest with a lingering cough and I definitely didn't feel like reporting myself. At the passport control, however, I coughed discreetly, and you should have seen those horrified looks in my direction. Of course, at that moment I had to stop the coughing and I entered the entrance hall gracefully, coughing as if I suffered from tuberculosis (at least).

Flying can be exhausting, so we went to the local Therme, and on Saturday I pleased my beer-loving soul  consuming the local beers. Non-filtered Staropramen made me genuinely happy, I must admit :) On Sunday we just walked around the city center, we went to Bohemia TeaHouse (really great) and in the evening we went to Herastrau park. I believe it's beautiful, but the public lighting probably didn't work, so I only saw this:

I really didn't make use of my new phone with all its fancy cameras, but as I mentioned, Bucharest is not my favourite city. Honestly, if you go to Romania, avoid the capital and go straight to the mountains. There is no danger that a nervous driver will kill you. Unless you really want to work abroad in a corporation, then pack your bags :)

In the beginning, I mentioned masks, coronavirus-related warnings and quarantines. If I only knew... The story continues tomorrow, stay tuned :)