In quarantine again, but this time together


A week ago, I really had no idea how the situation would turn out, anyway, we are almost all quarantined now. From news, social media, even fridges and gossips we still hear how many people have been infected, how everything collapses, and we are going to end up having a huge crisis. But not everything is as bad as it might seem. I did a little research, and with the help of other people (to whom I would like to thank), I made a list of good things that are happening at the moment and which we should focus on.

1. We will not run out of food

I guess we all experienced that only empty shelves were left in the shops and everything was gone, especially toilet paper. I do not understand this phenomenon and it is said that there is already written some psychological study, so we will see what leads us to such behaviour. Anyway, there will be food, so there is no need to take home supplies in the pre-dug atomic shelter. Check delivery services like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Glovo, Wolt and others, and help the local restaurants to overcome the crisis.

2. The air will be cleaner

It seems that drastic movement restrictions and quarantine have a positive impact on air quality, as some studies show. Could it be that we have a chance to improve something and learn from the current situation?

3. It may not be so bad with the economy

In Slovakia, we have a beautiful initiative Sme s vami. Entrepreneurs, such as hairdressers, fitness trainers, comedians, language school teachers, etc. can offer their services through this site, and we can support them by purchasing a voucher. If you happen to know about similar initiatives in other countries, please share :)

4. We will be fit

Time spent at home can be used in many ways, eg. being physically active. offers a monthly membership for 1 CZK because of closed fitness centres. If you do not feel like learning Czech, feel free to use Youtube, and share your favourite videos :)

5. Let's stay informed

For those who know Spanish, Hearst offers free access to their database. I haven't tested it yet, so I'm not sure if there is anything in English. If so, let me know.

6. Let's get some culture

Spanish museums like Museo del Prado, Thyssen and Museo de Reina Sofía offer video tours on their site.

I should mention that this is definitely not some sort of paid advertising, I am no influencer. As I've already mentioned, these are things that I came across or got a tip on. If you have more, let me know. So, let us keep ourselves in good mental condition and follow the advice given by the governments. Good luck and stay healthy :)