Internship in Alicante - week 1


Remember how I used to say it was time to move? Well, I did. Next 12 months I'm going to spend on the beach, practice surfing, chase sunsets, taste tinto de verano and tapas and learn how to enjoy the manana life style. Yes, I moved to Spain. Again.

Even though I had quite a nice job back in Brno, I was craving something else, some more "erasmus", so when I got to know that I was awarded an internship in EUIPO - European Intellectual Property Office - I said yes immediately. Do I know anything about intellectual property or law in general? No (as long as you don't count Suits). Yet, I'm here, and I'm having a great time.

The first week was quite hectic - loads of trainings, mingling, trainings, paper work, trainings, tapas, trainings, beach, and all over again. I was lucky and got to know awesome people straight from the beginning, so I barely spend some time alone or doing nothing. Actually, sleep has become quite a luxury. Not only because of all the parties, not at all - it's the weather and humidity. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night, marinated in your own sweat, cursing mosquitos. That's Alicante as well :) But not only. This city is surprisingly small and cozy and almost perfectly organized. Why almost? Well, it's still Spain. Our office is one of the biggest in this area with 1000+ employees, so it makes perfect sense there is only one bus per hour going there, right? :)

Speaking of the office - it's fantastic. It has literally everything, including a fencing club, books club (oh yes), wine club (yes, in the office), a Corte Inglés and, last but not least, an awesome gym with a beach view.

In case you wonder what I am actually going to do in here -I can't tell you. What I can tell though is that I'm gonna learn. A lot. And I love it. Apart from that, I'm going to eat like a pig, try to learn how to surf properly (that's why we are going to do paddle surf this weekend, hihi), travel (the first two small trips are already planned) and in general have a great time. Meaning that you should come to visit. And in case you come from a place with great beer, you know what to bring :)

Cheers and I'll be back in a week, maybe even with pictures of a nice colourful lake! :)