No time, no money. How to travel?


"You just came back from there and there and you are going somewhere else again? How do you finance all your trips? How much vacation do you have?"

I can't tell how many times I was trying to answer those two questions, and I would like to clarify that I'm not a digital nomad or travel blogger, and I'm absolutely not an influencer that gets hundreds or thousands of euros for a picture on Instagram. However, if you know how to get to this stage, let me know, I learn fast :) Back to the topic, I'm a normal working woman, with a salary that corresponds my experience and education, and I get 20 days off that are absolutely not enough, as most of you know. How to travel then if I have no time and no money? And how to stay "sane"?

No time

Nowadays nobody has enough time to do all the things we have to / would like to / love to do. 20 days off per year, that makes almost 2 days a month, which is not much, right? Trust me, I know. What helps me in this case is planning. You should see my agenda - I use at least 4 highlighters to categorize things I need to do, I mark things as checked and yes, I'm a nerd. 

Planning. Everywhere. Anytime.
Planning. Everywhere. Anytime.

Apart from that, I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home, which makes traveling way easier, i.e. I stayed in Portugal for a month using only 1 day off. Pretty cool right? Another advantage I have is that I usually work during bank holidays, and then I get some compensation days off. Yes, it's a lot of work and going from one place to another, but the more I need to work for it, the more I appreciate the free time I have. And that's the idea, isn't it?

No money

Let's be honest, no matter how much we make, it's never enough. For me it's all about priorities. If you want to go skiing in the top season or you wanna go to i.e. Mallorca in July / August, well, then you are always going to be broke. What I can recommend is travelling in the low season. Beaching in Martinique in November? Hell yeah! So far I have only written about this adventure in Slovak, but the English version is coming soon :) Anyway, my point is, you don't need to go to the beach in the summer, you can get tanned somewhere else, i.e. in the Caribbean, in November.  Less pricey, less people, great time guaranteed.

There was just me. And the mosquitoes
There was just me. And the mosquitoes

Still, the most important part of all my trips are my trip mates, and my favourite is Lenka. She is usually responsible for all the spontaneous trips (last year it was Valencia, Martinique and Mallorca), likes wine and chocolate as much as I do and, most importantly, she has a totally different taste on men. Her best skill is looking for cheap flight tickets, and she always makes Monday mornings better, texting me "Morning, babe, shall we go to...?" So yeah, either you use some nice portal, such as Skyscanner, or you find your own Lenka. Mine is taken :)

I planned everything, saved up, but I have so many plans that it drives me crazy. What now?

Kudos, high five and welcome to our club! You have just got as addicted on traveling as all the other travelgramers or other hashtags, and I'm afraid I can't help much in this case. What makes me feel better is to find a good explanation why I need to travel:

1) The weather sucks and I need to get a refill of D-vitamine.

2) The tickets were insanely cheap.

3) I must go to Spain, I need to practice my Spanish, get some more books and I ran out of the great white chocolate with Oreo from Mercadona.

My dearest Lenka would give you some more reasons, I like to stick to these 3. Plus, according to the last research, we have only 12 years left to explore this planet. Time to go, right? :)

To sum up, how to travel if you have no time and no money?

1) Plan and prioritize. What do you prefer - a new Google phone, or you would rather go to i.e. Machu Picchu?

2) Work. Or get a better deal, there is a lot of inspiration on Instagram or other social media.

3) Get your travel mate. As mentioned before, my Lenka is taken.

Get your own, my Lenka is taken.
Get your own, my Lenka is taken.

So, if you have any tips to trips that are worth it, or if you know how to become a digital nomad that doesn't need to work his / her a** off, let me know. I am going to wax my skis, going to check what the Swiss slopes are like. Cheers!