Rome sweet Rome


It's been two months since I came to Spain, so it was time to leave it for a bit. Like for a long weekend, this time in Rome, where I met my Portuguese friend that I met back in the Czech Republic and that now lives in Bucharest. A Slovak girl living in Spain meets a Portuguese dude living in Romania. Makes sense, right? :)

Of course, I had to plan everything that I want to see (otherwise it wouldn't be me), but I think it's a must when you go to such a huge city. Lucky me Diogo was ok with it and he also had the brilliant idea of getting a Roma pass. Definitely worth it, if you ask me.

We started the tour in Colosseum. We were smart enough to get a skip the line ticket (only 2 € extra) so that we didn't need to wait in those stupidly long queues. It's definitely worth to see it both during the day and at night, it's a totally different experience :) The ticket also includes Palatinum and Forum Romanum, just make sure you check the opening hours, otherwise, it might be closed when you get there. Just like in our case.

Every single building in Rome is like a piece of art, so walking around is particularly pleasant. And it makes you hungry. We had lunch (aka ate like pigs) in La Prosciutteria Roma and then we had the best tiramisu ever in Pompi. The. Best. Tiramisu. Ever. I swear. Then we continued to Piazza Navona, Pantheon and Fontana di Trevi. Full of tourists no matter when you get there, but stunningly beautiful! Even though I thought I would never eat again, we had the best pasta I ever ate in Pasquino

In the morning (after breakfast) we swore to all the gods and goddesses we would never eat again and went to Castel d'Angelo. From there you get the best view towards St. Peter's Church where we went after lunch (Rome makes you hungry after all). It's beautiful, but I must admit I have quite mixed feelings. So much money has been invested in its construction and maintenance..  But that's for another discussion. I fell for all the Roman fountains, so here comes another one from St. Peter's square.

Saturday evening we wanted to buy the tickets to the Sistine Chapel, but it was impossible to get them. After some research, we found out that it's free on the last Sunday of the month. As it started raining cats and dogs, we thought not so many people would go there. Idiots. The queue was at least 3 km long, so after 5 seconds' discussion, we decided not to care and went to Da Vinci's museum. Totally recommended! Fun fact, it's conveniently close to Pompi, the tiramisu place. Coincidence? :)

To sum up, Rome is love. Pure love. It's beautiful in every single way - stunning architecture, nice and friendly people and hey, great food. When I got back to Alicante, I wanted to check how much weight I gained and, surprise surprise, I lost 1,5 kilo :D

And what's next? Another long weekend, this time in Madrid. Free walking tour, Madrid and Inquisition, Barrio de las Letras and much much more. Like food and exploring some shady beer bars (if there are any). 

P.S. In the restaurants in Rome it's super funny to ask for a bill when you are with a guy. No matter what, the waiter always, but always gives it to the man, and I bet Diogo has never got so many confused and a bit underappreciative looks as during those three days when I paid the bill (every now and then).