Stay home and go to museum


Oxymoron? It might seem like it, but thanks to modern technology and especially thanks to the amazing initiatives all around, we can also enrich our cultural life while in quarantine. Great, isn't it?

First of all, I would like to thank the good soul who created this list and, thanks to the almighty Whatsapp, it got to me. As I mentioned, I'm super excited! Since there is almost martial law in Spain and the way to the store reminds me of a prison break, I try to fill my spare time with other things. In addition to classic cleaning and books, it is always a good idea to try to enrich your cultural life, right? So let's do it :)

1. Pinacoteca di Brera in Milano. 

2. Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence.

3. Museum in Vatican. Those don't need any explanation, I guess.

4. Archeologic museum v Athens.

5. Museo del Prado in Madrid. It is a huge gallery in a magnificent palace, but during my weekend there I missed it, I was too busy for free walking tours. So I can see it at home from bed :)

6. Louvre. Dan Brown wrote in his time that one would need about 3 months to see it all. Looks like it's enough for the time :)

7. British Museum in London. 

8. Metropolitan Museum in New York. 106/5000And we don't even have to fly across the ocean. They are quite soaked and some expositions are also available in some sort of street view .

9. Hermitage v Saint Petersburg. Here I must admit that the Russians have overcome themselves and it is great. When I was there 4  years ago, we had to run through the museum to see the 2 favourite pictures of our guide. This is definitely more enjoyable.

10. National Gallery of Art in Washington. They also created some interactive exhibitions, but I haven't tested them yet. If they are worth it, let me know.

I still secretly hope that the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and Fram in Oslo will come up with something similar, but we may still have to wait.

Have a nice time "visiting" the museums and if you know any good podcasts, let me know :) Stay safe and healthy!